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Insurance Planning: Why It Matters

Most people don't initially think about insurance when it comes to financial planning. While creating wealth is essential, comprehensive financial planning should also include protection planning. Insurance is the key to guarding your assets. A financial advisor works with you to find suitable types of insurance to meet your individual or business needs.

Insurance Planning and Managing Risk

Meeting your financial goals means taking steps to protect your resources by managing risk. One essential way to do this is by having ample insurance coverage that passes the financial risk of a potentially devastating event to a third-party insurance carrier. We do a thorough analysis of your unique needs and offer options that fit your situation. We specialize in providing services related to these insurance types:

  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Universal Life

Businesses and individuals both need to consider options for long-term care planning. Knowing you are protected against what comes provides greater peace of mind as life moves forward. A financial advisor will discuss the process of naming beneficiaries and how to coordinate payouts in keeping with your overall estate planning objectives. If you need assistance with an estate plan, we can manage that as well, so all your bases are covered.

At Trasport Financial Services, we are in the business of making financial dreams a reality. Wherever you're headed with personal financial goals, we stand ready to help you get there. Contact us to find out more.


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